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Engineering Services for Your Concrete Projects

Our Estimating and Detailing services provided for:

  • Fabricated/Stock Rebar Jobs
    • Estimating – Our qualified team will take your set of plans and find out how much rebar or wire, supports and accessories you will need for your project. Our estimates range from a single monopole to tilt wall warehouses and multistory structures and all the jobs in between. Our quotes are precise and competitive in today’s market for 90 days.
    • Detailing – Our team of Detailing Project Managers will take your Job (Commercial, Residential or TxDOT) Plans and turn them into a well constructed plan for reinforcing needs and reinforcing placement. They will create a list of materials that you will need as well as a delivery schedule and estimates for pricing and accessories.
  • Post-Tension Jobs – Estimating, detailing, materials & engineering services for ½” 270k 7-wire post-tension strand for slab on grade applications.  Green sheathing to easily identify issues or cuts in plastic.  Dead-end anchors seated in house and all necessary accessories available.  Repair services and stressing of cables from our experienced staff.
  • Tilt-Up Jobs – We will provide you a complete detailed and engineered panel book (Lift and Brace Inserts drawings & Hardware drawings), designed by our team of professionals. You can lift all your panels safer, faster and more efficient with our design.

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