With the largest fleet of concrete related equipment in the metroplex, we have the equipment when you need it and where you need it. Our equipment
ranges from jackhammers to wheel loaders and can be delivered or picked up. With a vast knowledge of the equipment and a very well maintained fleet, we
have anything you need for your next job.


Ready for delivery or pickup, we offer bond breakers, pipe braces, panel lift hardware, lift brace inserts, wood reveal and chamfer. We also offer form panels
and related hardware in a variety of sizes to meet the most difficult needs of your next project.


Barnsco's state of the art rebar fabrication shop provides customers with l-bars, circles, stirrups, spirals as well as any other custom length fabricated right,
quickly and delivered to your job site on time.

Compact and Heavy Equipment


Barnsco provides accurate and informative tilt-wall panel detailing services and quality tilt-wall man products to customers designing and building tiltwall
panel construction projects. Barnsco personnel are qualified and experienced in the erection of tiltwall panels. We have over 25 years of tiltwall panel
erection design experience.


Bring your plans to our experienced staff of estimators and we will provide a bid for any material that we can supply on your next job site.


With over 75 years of combined forming knowledge, we can estimate and/or detail a full set of form drawings to meet your job requirements if needed. We can provide custom form layouts, consulting, as well as sell and rent the forms and accessories. Contact Shawn Bynum at (214) 382-2043 or Janet Cavender at 214-382-2042 for more details.

Listed below are some of the steel hand set forms products that we sell and rent:

  • System Design
  • Hinged Corners
  • Steel Filler
  • Quick-Hook Handle
  • Bay Corner Brackets
  • Bay Corners
  • Wedge Bolts
  • One-Piece Waler Brackets
  • Filler Angle
  • Long Bolts
  • Tie Holders
  • Inside & Outside Corners
  • Adjustable Bolts
  • Strongbacks
  • Scaffold Bracket
  • Adjustable Long Bolts
  • Attachment Plates
  • Base Ties
  • Base Tie Bolts
  • Turnbuckles
  • Brace Kicker Bracket
  • Panel Ties
  • Pipe Form Aligner
  • Threaded Ties
  • Flat Ties
  • Pier Cap Braces


Keep your construction equipment in top notch condition! We feature a full service repair and maintenance facility available to you to maintain and repair
any and all construction equipment. With a quick turn-around on equipment maintenance as well as an increased part volume, we can handle your
equipment maintenance needs.